The Decoys “Shot From The Saddle” [Muscle Shoals Records] (2000) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


Russell Smith “The End Is Not In Sight” [Muscle Shoals Records] (2001) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


Shelley King “The Highway” [Lemonade Records] (2002) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Chris LeDoux “After The Storm” [Capitol] (2002) Assistant Engineer


Chris LeDoux “Horsepower” [Capitol] (2003) Assistant Engineer

Jimmy Buffett “Meet Me In Margaritaville” [MCA] (2003) Assistant Engineer

Julieann Banks “Magazine & Race” [Independent] (2003) Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

The Ugli Stick “Stop Please! Please Stop!” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Clarence Carter “All Ya’ll Feeling Alright?” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mixed

James LeBlanc “Muscle Shoals City Limits” [Muscle Shoals Records] (2003) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Steve Bassett “You Don’t Know Me” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mastered

Liquid Caravan “Visitor” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


Drive-By Truckers “The Dirty South” [New West Records] (2004) Assistant Engineer

Pat Huggins “Swede Home Alabama” [Flyin’ Willie Records] (2004) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Floramay Holliday “Trouble And A Truer Sound” [Roseneath Records] (2004) Mixed, Mastered

Shelley King “Rockin’ The Dancehall” [Lemonade Records] (2004) Mastered

Mac McAnally “Semi-True Stories” [Mailboat Records] (2004) Assistant Engineer

Scooter Muse “Saddell Abbey” [Independent] (2004) Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Peter Mayer “Musicbox” [Little Flock Music] (2004) Assistant Engineer


The Ugli Stick “Nostoi” [Independent] (2006) Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Sons Of Roswell “Sons Of Roswell” [Independent (2006) Mixed, Mastered

Johnny & The Mo-Tones “Get Gone!: The Muscle Shoals Sessions” [Altenburgh Records] (2006) Engineered, Mixed

Fiddleworms “Live Bait” [Heart Of Gold] (2006) Mixed, Mastered

Pat Huggins “The Lost Causeway” [Flyin’ Willie Records] (2006) Engineered, Mixed

Jimmy Buffett “Take The Weather With You” [RCA] (2006) Assistant Engineer

Kate Campbell “For The Living Of These Days” [Large River Music] (2006) Engineered, Mixed

Heartland “I Loved Her First” [Lofton Creek Records] (2006) Engineered


Henri’s Notions “Trip To The Cottage” [Independent] (2007) Engineered, Mixed

Peter Mayer “Still In One Peace” [Little Flock Music] (2007) Assistant Engineer

Jason Isbell “Sirens Of The Ditch” [New West Records] (2007) Engineered


Little Feat “Join The Band” [429 Record] (2008) Assistant Engineer

John Paul White “The Long Goodbye” [Independent] (2008) Engineer, Assistant Engineer

Pat Huggins “Shoal Music” [Flyin’ Willie Records] (2008) Mixed

Fiddleworms “Volkswagen Catfish” [Heart Of Gold] (2008) Produced, Engineered, Mixed

Lenny Leblanc “Christmas Night” [Inciite/Word] (2008) Engineering, Mixed, Mastered


Planet Ink “Planet Ink” [Independent] (2010) Mixed and Mastered

Jil Chambless “The Ladies Go Dancing” [Independent] (2009) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Jimmy Buffett “Buffett Hotel” [Mailboat Records] (2009) Assistant Engineer

Drive-By Truckers “Fine Print:  A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008” [New West Records] (2009) Engineer

Mac McAnally “Down By The River” [Show Dog Nashville] (2009) Engineer

Jason Isbell “Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit” [Thirty Tigers] (2009) Engineer

Shelley King “Welcome Home” [Lemonade Records] (2009) Mixed, Mastered

Grown Folks Band “Two.Five.Sicks” [Heart of Gold Records] (2009) Engineering, Mixed, Mastered


Lenny LeBlanc “Love Like No Other” [Inciite/Word] (2010) Engineering, Mixed

Jimmy Buffett “Encores” [Mailboat Records] (2010) Engineer

Pat Huggins and A Damn Good Band “Wayward Songs” [Independent] (2010) Engineered, Mixed

Bobby Denton “Merry Christmas From Dixie” [Independent] (2010) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Abby Owens “Indiantown” [Independent] (2010) Engineered, Mixed

BoomBox  “downriverelectric” [Independent] (2010) Engineered, Mixed

Dylan LeBlanc “Paupers Field” [Rough Trade] (2010) Engineer

Peter Mayer “Under Your Spell (Live)” [Little Flock Music] (2011) Additional Engineering


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit “Here We Rest” [Lightning Rod Records] Engineering

Rhyal Knight “In Transit” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Kate Campbell “1000 Pound Machine” [Large River Music] Engineering

Bobby Wills “If It Was That Easy” [Independent] Engineering, Mixing

Rosedale “Woogie Boogie” [Independent] Engineering, Mixed, Mastered

Don Ray Band “Full Throttle” [Margdon Records] Engineered, Mixed

Dylan LeBlanc “Cast The Same Old Shadow” [Rough Trade] Engineering

The Threds “A Frayed Knot” [Independent] Mastered

Phil Green “Let Me Be Faithful” [Independent] Engineering, Mixed

Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse “The Laverock Sang” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered


American Aquarium “Burn.Flicker.Die” [Independent] Engineering

Aaron Blades Band “Cloud 13” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered

Bottletree “Demon Days” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Jeremiah Grube “The Room” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Fiddleworms “See The Light” [Heart of Gold Records] Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit “Live From Alabama” [Lightning Rod Records] Engineering

Jack River Kings “Mansion And The Money” [Independent] Engineering

The Wildwood Ruminators “Elemental” [Independent] Engineering

Frank Dumont “Let Me Be Frank” [Independent] Engineering

Jeremiah Grube “The Room” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

The SteelDrivers “Hammer Down” [Rounder] Engineering


High Cotton – A Trubute To Alabama [Lightning Rod Records] Engineering, Mixing

Norma Rae “Norma Rae” [Independent] Mastered

Don Ray Band “Kickstands Up” [Margdon Records] Mixed, Mastered

Jon Davis “Hint of Southern Drawl” [Independent] Mixed

Percy Sledge “The Gospel of Percy Sledge” [David Johnson Productions] Engineering

Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy “A Tell All” [Sweet Nectar Records] Engineering

Alabama Shakes “Driva Man” (from the 12 Years A Slave Soundtrack) [Columbia] Engineered, Mixed


Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson “Back Around” [Heart of Gold Records] Engineered, Mixed

Sarah Lou Richards “The Woman Behind The Curtain” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Shelley King “Building a Fire” [Lemonade Records] Mixed, Mastered

Red Mouth “Toska” [Second-Shimmy] Engineered, Mixed

Bobby Wills “Crazy Enough” [MDM] Engineering

Hannah Aldridge “Razor Wire” [Trodden Black Entertainment] Mixing

Gina Sicilia “The Alabama Sessions” [VizzTone] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Chambless & Muse “Passing Tales & Glories” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered

Rachel Wammack “Lavender” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered

Ute Bonn “Life Is A Miracle” [Independent] Engineering, Mixing, Mastered

Mitch Mann “Blackwater Creek” [Crazy Chester Records] Engineered, Mixed


The SteelDrivers “The Muscle Shoals Recordings” [Rounder Records] Engineered, Mixed, Bluegrass Album of the Year Grammy Winner

Eric Erdman “Not Slowing Down”

Grace & Tony “Phantasmagoric”

John David Crowe “Beauty From Ash”

Steve Trash “The Green Album”

Megan Knight “Megan Knight”

The Dozens “The Dozens”


The Dawn Osborne Band “Slow the World Down”

Cherry Water “Stones”

The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson “God Don’t Never Change”

Siobhan Magnus “Siobhan in the Shoals”

Valhammer “35660 Sheffield, Alabama”


Billy Ray Cyrus “Achy Breaky Heart 25th”

The Decoys “Live at the NuttHouse”

Christopher Parker “Southern Odyssey”

Robert Cline Jr. “American Mojo”

Goose Gossett “Wailin, Whiskey, and Waltzin on Water”

Jon Langford “Four Lost Souls”

Willis “Locals 2”

Brandon Whyde “Silver Apples of the Moon”

James LeBlanc “Nature of the Beast”