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Chris LeDoux “After The Storm” [Capitol] (2002) Assistant Engineer


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Jimmy Buffett “Meet Me In Margaritaville” [MCA] (2003) Assistant Engineer

Julieann Banks “Magazine & Race” [Independent] (2003) Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

The Ugli Stick “Stop Please! Please Stop!” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

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James LeBlanc “Muscle Shoals City Limits” [Muscle Shoals Records] (2003) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Steve Bassett “You Don’t Know Me” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mastered

Liquid Caravan “Visitor” [Independent] (2003) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered


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Pat Huggins “Swede Home Alabama” [Flyin’ Willie Records] (2004) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Floramay Holliday “Trouble And A Truer Sound” [Roseneath Records] (2004) Mixed, Mastered

Shelley King “Rockin’ The Dancehall” [Lemonade Records] (2004) Mastered

Mac McAnally “Semi-True Stories” [Mailboat Records] (2004) Assistant Engineer

Scooter Muse “Saddell Abbey” [Independent] (2004) Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Peter Mayer “Musicbox” [Little Flock Music] (2004) Assistant Engineer


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Fiddleworms “Live Bait” [Heart Of Gold] (2006) Mixed, Mastered

Pat Huggins “The Lost Causeway” [Flyin’ Willie Records] (2006) Engineered, Mixed

Jimmy Buffett “Take The Weather With You” [RCA] (2006) Assistant Engineer

Kate Campbell “For The Living Of These Days” [Large River Music] (2006) Engineered, Mixed

Heartland “I Loved Her First” [Lofton Creek Records] (2006) Engineered


Henri’s Notions “Trip To The Cottage” [Independent] (2007) Engineered, Mixed

Peter Mayer “Still In One Peace” [Little Flock Music] (2007) Assistant Engineer

Jason Isbell “Sirens Of The Ditch” [New West Records] (2007) Engineered


Little Feat “Join The Band” [429 Record] (2008) Assistant Engineer

John Paul White “The Long Goodbye” [Independent] (2008) Engineer, Assistant Engineer

Pat Huggins “Shoal Music” [Flyin’ Willie Records] (2008) Mixed

Fiddleworms “Volkswagen Catfish” [Heart Of Gold] (2008) Produced, Engineered, Mixed

Lenny Leblanc “Christmas Night” [Inciite/Word] (2008) Engineering, Mixed, Mastered


Planet Ink “Planet Ink” [Independent] (2010) Mixed and Mastered

Jil Chambless “The Ladies Go Dancing” [Independent] (2009) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Jimmy Buffett “Buffett Hotel” [Mailboat Records] (2009) Assistant Engineer

Drive-By Truckers “Fine Print:  A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008” [New West Records] (2009) Engineer

Mac McAnally “Down By The River” [Show Dog Nashville] (2009) Engineer

Jason Isbell “Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit” [Thirty Tigers] (2009) Engineer

Shelley King “Welcome Home” [Lemonade Records] (2009) Mixed, Mastered

Grown Folks Band “Two.Five.Sicks” [Heart of Gold Records] (2009) Engineering, Mixed, Mastered


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Abby Owens “Indiantown” [Independent] (2010) Engineered, Mixed

BoomBox  “downriverelectric” [Independent] (2010) Engineered, Mixed

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Peter Mayer “Under Your Spell (Live)” [Little Flock Music] (2011) Additional Engineering


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Rhyal Knight “In Transit” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Kate Campbell “1000 Pound Machine” [Large River Music] Engineering

Bobby Wills “If It Was That Easy” [Independent] Engineering, Mixing

Rosedale “Woogie Boogie” [Independent] Engineering, Mixed, Mastered

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The Threds “A Frayed Knot” [Independent] Mastered

Phil Green “Let Me Be Faithful” [Independent] Engineering, Mixed

Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse “The Laverock Sang” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered


American Aquarium “Burn.Flicker.Die” [Independent] Engineering

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Bottletree “Demon Days” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Jeremiah Grube “The Room” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Fiddleworms “See The Light” [Heart of Gold Records] Co-produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit “Live From Alabama” [Lightning Rod Records] Engineering

Jack River Kings “Mansion And The Money” [Independent] Engineering

The Wildwood Ruminators “Elemental” [Independent] Engineering

Frank Dumont “Let Me Be Frank” [Independent] Engineering

Jeremiah Grube “The Room” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

The SteelDrivers “Hammer Down” [Rounder] Engineering


High Cotton – A Trubute To Alabama [Lightning Rod Records] Engineering, Mixing

Norma Rae “Norma Rae” [Independent] Mastered

Don Ray Band “Kickstands Up” [Margdon Records] Mixed, Mastered

Jon Davis “Hint of Southern Drawl” [Independent] Mixed

Percy Sledge “The Gospel of Percy Sledge” [David Johnson Productions] Engineering

Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy “A Tell All” [Sweet Nectar Records] Engineering

Alabama Shakes “Driva Man” (from the 12 Years A Slave Soundtrack) [Columbia] Engineered, Mixed


Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson “Back Around” [Heart of Gold Records] Engineered, Mixed

Sarah Lou Richards “The Woman Behind The Curtain” [Independent] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Shelley King “Building a Fire” [Lemonade Records] Mixed, Mastered

Red Mouth “Toska” [Second-Shimmy] Engineered, Mixed

Bobby Wills “Crazy Enough” [MDM] Engineering

Hannah Aldridge “Razor Wire” [Trodden Black Entertainment] Mixing

Gina Sicilia “The Alabama Sessions” [VizzTone] Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Chambless & Muse “Passing Tales & Glories” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered

Rachel Wammack “Lavender” [Independent] Mixed, Mastered

Ute Bonn “Life Is A Miracle” [Independent] Engineering, Mixing, Mastered

Mitch Mann “Blackwater Creek” [Crazy Chester Records] Engineered, Mixed